The MCI Test

The medical Council of India has a screening test for all students who may have studied outside India but intend to practice in India to judge their capability to do so. Please note this is not a competitive exam, rather just a screening test to understand the student’s capability to practice in India and identify parity with an Indian MBBS graduate. A student can appear any number of times for the Screening Test. However, students who pass the MD degree of an American System of Education more often than not clear this exam in the first attempt.


Employment Opportunities

The student is eligible for Government jobs, Private hospitals, and chain of hotels or private clinics as well in India. Should the Doctor plan to work in Russia, he can apply for a work permit and will be judged on his proficiency and professionalism.



Education loans are available from all nationalized and scheduled banks. The student has to apply directly to the bank at the place of permanent residence. Imperial will assist the student in procuring the loan by providing all necessary required documentation from the University.


There are also private but secure financing options available that could be undertaken by the student. Imperial will be able to suggest or see through such options as well.


Post Graduation

On graduation, the doctor is eligible to practise or study in any country he/she wishes to. He/she will have to clear the screening test of the individual country. PG degrees of only a few countries are accredited by the MCI (countries with English as first language like UK, USA etc.). Graduates from all our associated Universities are eligible for appearing in USMLE.




Please note that not all PG courses from outside of India are accredited by MCI. However, the student can pursue their PG in India or other English speaking countries like UK or USA.

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