1. 120% increase in Indian students studying in Ireland
  2. High Quality Education- Irish qualifications are quality assured by the Irish state agency, Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI)
  3. Only English speaking country in the Eurozone which is why so many MNC’s locate their European base here.
  4. Ranked high in International Research Rankings in Nanosciences, Computer Sciences, Immunology, Material Sciences leading to life changing inventions.
  5. Giants in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the hub of their European operations, with names such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.
  6. Minimum wage increased to 9.15 Euros per hour for part time work
  7. Non-EU/EEA students who have graduated from Irish higher education institutions can remain in Ireland for 12 months to seek employment. After 12 months, they can apply for the Green Card or Work Permit Scheme
  • Cloud Computing, Software Development, Big Data, Network Security
  • Digital media, journalism, supply chain management
  • International business, accounting and finance and Law
  • Public Health, hospitality
  1. Dublin City University (DCU)
  2. Maynooth University
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway
  4. Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
  5. University College Cork (UCC)
  6. University College Dublin (UCD)
  7. University of Limerick
  8. Dublin Business School
  9. Griffith College
  10. National College of Ireland
  11. Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
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