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Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration Consultants

The thriving economy of Australia has room for enormous talents that bounds a bulk of individuals to seek Australia immigration. Being one of the leading Australia immigration consultants, it is our foremost duty to serve the needs of each and every individual attempting for Australia immigration. Our well-trained and extensively knowledgeable Australia immigration consultants know the Australia immigration process very well and are happy to make your aspiration of attaining Australia immigration swift and smooth.

Why Australia?

Australia is an amazing place to migrate and lead a high-quality life. The country offers many advantages encouraging people from all over the world to immigrate to Australia



  • Excellent career growth
  • Pleasing geographical surroundings
  • High-quality standard of living
  • Simple and effective immigration programs
  • Secured living environment

Documents Required

  • A valid Passport.
  • Marksheets and degrees showcasing the academic background.
  • Work Experience Letters.
  • Health Reports.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (such as IELTS scorecard).
  • Police clearance Certificate.
  • Skill assessment document.

Steps to Apply for Australia PR

  • Step 1. Selection of appropriate visa category
  • Step 2. Eligibility check
  • Step 3.Organization of required documents
  • Step 4.Submission of visa application
  • Step 5.Anticipation of the decision
  • Step 6.Acquisition of the visa General

Categories of Australian PR

  • Subclass 189
  • Subclass 190
  • Subclass 491
  • Subclass 489

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

The skilled independent visa (subclass 189) is a permanent visa rendering Australia immigration to talented immigrants. A non-sponsored visa is an excellent option allowing skilled professionals to immigrate to Australia and gain involvement in the Australian job market. The prominent factors that impact the immigration possibilities of applicants under the visa
subclass 189 includes their age, work experience, education, and English language proficiency.

Let our Australia Immigration Consultants help to get a skilled independent visa.

Australian Permanent Residency Program List

Family-Based Australian Permanent Residency

  • Partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801)

Skill-Based Australian Permanent Residency

  • Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186)
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme (subclass 187)
  • Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188)
  • Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Business talent visa (subclass 132)

Period of Stay

Generally, Australia PR is issued for a period of 5 years, however, the candidates who wish to enjoy Australian life beyond these five years can apply for Australian citizenship after completing 4 years in the country provided they satisfy the eligibility criteria. Also, the Australia PR can be renewed for a specific duration if required. So, better to immigrate to Australia now so, you can apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years. Make a contact with our Australia Immigration Consultants today and start your Australia PR process by assessing your Profile for FREE.

Australia Skilled Migration Points System & Requirements

Australia allows deserving immigrants to immigrate to Australia on the basis of their skill sets, academic background, and employment experience. By allocating points based on certain criteria, the Australia immigration point system evaluates the eligibility of the aspirants to immigrate to Australia. The main factors impacting the points score of a candidate include.

  • Age
  • English language proficiency
  • Educational Qualification
  • Employment Experience (both inside and outside Australia)
  • Partner skills and so on

Jobs Qualify for PR in Australia

The ever-growing economy of Australia holds ample growth opportunities for PR holders provided they have the right skills and qualifications to leverage the same. The most developing
industries in Australia include

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Mining and Energy
  • Science and Technology

Traveling to Australia – Step by Step

  • Check your employment options
  • Apply for an appropriate visa
  • Collect the essential belongings
  • Fly to Australia
  • Find an accommodation
  • Commence your life in Australia

Australia Permanent Resident Rights

  • The visa holders can study, live and work anywhere across Australia.
  • The visa holders can leverage the healthcare and social security benefits offered in Australia.
  • Children of Australia PR holders that are born in Australia gain Australian citizenship right from the day of their birth.
  • The visa holders can sponsor their family members to travel to the land of Australia (both temporarily and permanently).
  • The visa holders can apply and work in Australia’s government sectors.
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